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About 'The Atomic Clarinets'
The Atomic Clarinets' Website

History of Our Quartet

The Atomic Clarinets were founded in January of 2000. We are all music education majors at Central Michigan University, under the direction of the clarinet virtuoso, Dr. Kennen White, the university's clarinet professor. We have been having a blast playing fun and exciting quartets at various Woodwind Area Recitals, Studio Recitals, and the end of the year Honors Recital.

Origins of the Atomic Clarinets

Our quartet went nameless for the entirity of the Spring semester of 2000. We tossed around a few names; <<Les K-Dawgs de la Cote de l'Ouest>> was the name we were planning on using. Then, after the Honors Recital, Mr. Williamson, the brilliant director of bands here at Central Michigan University, came up to us and called us atomic clarinets. We all liked the name, and it has stuck. Now we are officially 'The Atomic Clarinets.'